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July 11, 2019 9:47am
Science Fiction Shoes

Let’s face it. A career in justice system research means a closet full of office wear. Reinventing myself as a science fiction writer meant changing my wardrobe, and that meant some soul-searching about who I am.

Writers and other artists have many more degrees of freedom in choosing their attire. I noticed what other writers wore at science fiction and fantasy conventions, and what artists wore at gallery openings. I scanned “looks” online. Ultimately, though, I found what I’m comfortable in, and what expresses me. Currently, that means skinny jeans, t-shirt and blazer, with colors and styling that epitomize a feminine take on the men’s jeans and sport coat look. I always buy comfortable shoes, ranging from low heels to booties to flats.

Then I discovered the science fiction shoes. Metallic flats that look like they’re straight from the Star Ship Enterprise. Not kidding. So me.

Yes, I still have some business apparel for the occasions when I need it, but that clothing is no longer my primary means of self-identification. I've been writing for years, so I’d already expanded my sense of self to embrace the creative life. Now I’m just showing it more.


Lettie Prell is a science fiction writer. She likes to explore the edge where humans and their technology are increasingly merging.

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