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Recently Published

"Justice Systems in Quantum Parallel Probabilities," Clarkesworld, January 2017. Read it here:

"The Three Lives of Sonata James," Tor.com, October 2016. Reprinted in Some of the Best from Tor.Com: 2016 and Neil Clarke's The Best Science Fiction of the Year, Volume 2 (Night Shade Books, 2017).



A new story will be in a forthcoming issue of Analog.


Also Published

"Artifice of Eternity," Analog Science Fiction and Fact, May 2016.

"The Open-Hearted," Apex Magazine, Issue #80, January 2016.

"Baby Steps," Analog Science Fiction and Fact, November 2015.

"The Performance Artist," Apex Magazine, Issue #44 (2013). Reprinted in Best of Apex Magazine: Volume I (2016). 

"Earth for Dummies," Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue #35. Featured in a StarShipSofa Podcast (2013). Listen to it here.

"Inside Job," Aiofe's Kiss (2010).

“Wherever We Are,” a novelette serialized in Paranormal Underground Issues 3-6, Vol. 3, March – June 2010.

Dragon Ring (a novel) was published in 2008.


Lettie Prell is a science fiction writer. She likes to explore the edge where humans and their technology are increasingly merging. She is also intensely interested in the implications of quantum mechanics and a world of infinite potential.

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